HP ILO AlertMail emails are not sent

In smaller networks, it can sometimes be difficult to get HP iLO mail alerts to work, because iLO4 does not support SMTP authentication, meaning you need to have access to an SMTP relay. While it’s possible to use Microsoft IIS for this purpose, it’s not ideal since the IIS server might be unavailable when iLO needs to send a critical email out.

We recently encountered a situation where an SMTP relay was available on the local network, but nevertheless no email alerts were delivered.

The iLO4 mail test function is not reliable, because it reports the mail as sent no matter what.

The server was using a dedicated iLO NIC and DHCP was disabled on its IPv4 settings page

Still, on the General settings page, the domain name claimed to have been configured via DHCP

Even with a DHCP-configured hostname, email alerts should have been sent out, but they were not.

However, it turned on that on the IPv6 tab, all DHCP options were enabled. After disabling them, setting a domain name manually and finally resetting iLO, the alert mails started flowing

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