Cisco Mobility Express Wireless LAN controller – Allow new access points to join / be adopted

When setting up a Cisco wireless network using the Cisco Mobility Express virtual wireless LAN controller (WLC), we ran into problems getting the WLC to accept join requests from new access points.

The WLC commands we used for troubleshooting were:

show ap join stats summary all – This showed us all the new access points on the network. Their status showed as “Not Joined”
show ap join stats details – This showed the join requests from the new access points being denied because of the RADIUS server on the WLC.

There was no RADIUS functionality in use on the WLC.

The following WLC commands solved the problem with the denied joined requests:

Config auth-list ap-policy ssc enable

Config auth-list ap-policy lsc enable

Allowing access points with self-signed certificates to join a Cisco Mobility Express wireless LAN controller

Before joining the new access points to the Mobility Express Wireless LAN controller, we made sure they were all running the same firmware version as the WLC itself and that the firmware was Mobility Express capable.

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