IT Support and Outsourcing in Bangkok

Full IT setup for new companies.

We offer affordable IT-setup packages for clients who are establishing a company in Thailand and are looking to outsource their office setup and IT support / maintenance.

Small-business IT

Using innovative solutions and high-end cloud services, we help small- and medium sized businesses achieve the same kind of security and reliability once only afforded to large-scale corporations. We have many years of experience transferring data and services from on-premises legacy servers to modern cloud-hosted servers.

We are Microsoft Certified both in the older Windows Server ecosystem and the new Microsoft Azure Cloud ecosystem.

Virtual infrastructure

Using bleeding-edge virtualization technology, we can consolidate several older servers with outdated and unsupported operating systems into one modern server. This solution drastically reduces both the risk of server failures and the cost of sever maintenance and backups.

  • When we were looking for an IT outsourcing company, we talked to a handful of providers. Most are separated into a sales team (which promises you everything is possible) and a technical team (which might be less confident about the promises made by the sales team). RunTime is different! The company is managed by its highly competent owner who deeply cares about his customers and will keep a laser focus on IT issues until they are solved. I highly recommend RunTime and its services!

    Mr David Berghaeuser

    Co-founder, Hellosticker,
  • RunTime has handled all our IT needs since day one in Thailand. They have been always available to serve our needs and helped us to stay up to date with technology, security and in compliance with our SOPs as a fundamental need to work according to GCP in Clinical Research. We would be happy to recommend their services to anyone looking to outsource their IT needs.

    Ms Renate Schirrow

    CEO, Aclires Bangkok,
  • Our manufacturing process and back-office operations rely heavily on high-end IT. RunTime help us keep our servers and network infrastructure in optimum shape. We highly recommend their services.

  • A company contacted us because they had run into issues with Exchange 2016 Webmail/OWA and the Exchange Control Panel (ECP). Both threw an HTTP 500 error. Exchange 2016 had not been updated since 2017 and was still running on Cumulative Update 4 (CU4). HTTP 500 internal server error On the Exchange server itself, we saw more detailed errors: Exchange Server Open Authentication (OAuth) certificate is expired, not present, or not configured correctly. The event log showed: Event ID: 1003 Source: MSExchange Front End HTTPS Proxy [Owa] An internal server error occurred. The unhandled exception was: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set

  • In smaller networks, it can sometimes be difficult to get HP iLO mail alerts to work, because iLO4 does not support SMTP authentication, meaning you need to have access to an SMTP relay. While it's possible to use Microsoft IIS for this purpose, it's not ideal since the IIS server might be unavailable when iLO needs to send a critical email out. We recently encountered a situation where an SMTP relay was available on the local network, but nevertheless no email alerts were delivered. The iLO4 mail test function is not reliable, because it reports the mail as sent no

  • When setting up a Cisco wireless network using the Cisco Mobility Express virtual wireless LAN controller (WLC), we ran into problems getting the WLC to accept join requests from new access points. The WLC commands we used for troubleshooting were: show ap join stats summary all – This showed us all the new access points on the network. Their status showed as “Not Joined” show ap join stats details - This showed the join requests from the new access points being denied because of the RADIUS server on the WLC. There was no RADIUS functionality in use on the WLC.