Cisco Mobility Express Wireless LAN controller – Allow new access points to join / be adopted

When setting up a Cisco wireless network using the Cisco Mobility Express virtual wireless LAN controller (WLC), we ran into problems getting the WLC to accept join requests from new access points. The WLC commands we used for troubleshooting were: show ap join stats summary all – This showed us all the new access points […]

Wireless WPA2 enterprise with Windows Network Policy Server (NPS) and Active Directory PEAP authentication – How to fix Event ID 6273 and Reason code 16

If you are setting up a WPA2 enterprise Wifi network using Windows Network Policy Server and RADIUS, make sure that the NPS server is using a trusted certificate where the name of the NPS server is explicitly mentioned in the certificate. If you are attempting to use a wildcard certificate on your NPS server, Windows […]

Rolling out BitLocker in a heterogeneous environment without System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). How to create a new boot partition for a laptop where Boot and Windows are located on separate disks

BitLocker can’t be enabled, because the hard disks are using the MBR partitioning scheme.
The partioning scheme can’t be changed from MBR to GPT because Microsoft’s tool mbr2gpt says the disk layout is invalid.
The disk layout is difficult to fix, because the boot partition and the Windows partition sit on separate disks